April 24, 2022


Miryam Johnson


This class is built deliberately in celebration of all bodies, movement aesthetics, music and levels of movement experience. Using improvisation as it's catalyst, this class aims to explore the relationship between the spine, community connection, rhythm and cultivating joy. Here, we ask: what are the ways in which we express joy? What is the source of that expression? How do we hold space for other people to experience joy? And how do we carry that forward, into other generations? 


Miryam Johnson is a Detroit based Dance Artist, Educator and Organizer. With degrees from Eastern Michigan University in Dance and African American Studies, Johnson’s work explores the intersection between improvised Black movement vernacular and communal connection. 

She’s had the honor to train with Alvin Ailey's "The Ailey Extension" (2010) and Urban Bush Women’s “Summer Leadership Institute” (2018, 2019) and perform works by the critically acclaimed choreographers Mae O'Donnell, Diane McIntyre and Jawole Willa Jo Zollar. Her work has been presented: at Hartford Memorial Baptist Church, The Masonic Temple, Sidewalk Festival, Eastern Michigan University, The Light Box, Andy Art Center and Play House. Her first evening length work Rebellion: An Artistic Exploration was performed at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the Detroit Rebellion.

Johnson, a Model D under 30 feature, is a co-founder of Collective Sweat Detroit (CSD), an organization devoted to building fellowship in the Detroit dance community through class, residency, and conversation spaces. A committed educator and community member, Miryam believes in using her body and her art as protest.