February 20, 2022


Zandria Lucas

Class Description

Contemporary Modern - This class will incorporate the essence of a traditional modern dance class, in a more contemporary non-traditional fashion.


A native of Detroit, MI, Zandria earned her B.F.A in Dance Performance, under the instruction of Jordeen Ivanov-Ericson, fromMarygroveCollege (Detroit, MI) in 2012. While pursuing her B.F.A., Zandria worked as a freelance choreographer setting works in local high schools and for theMarygroveCollege Dance Company and Company 2. She has performed in the works of Douglas Neilsen, Roger Jeffery, Dante Henderson, Kevin Iega-Jeff and Kim Bears-Bailey, amongothers. Zandria's choreographyhas been showcased at ACDA, the National High School Dance Festival,the Fox Theatre, in Nogales, Mexico and at several dancefestivals/showcases.Uponearning her Master of Fine Arts with emphasis in Choreography and Performance, May 2015, from The University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ) Zandria relocated back to the Metro Detroit Area where she continues her work as an artist, dance educator, and Artistic Director ofIntertwine Movement Collective.Intertwine Movement Collective, founded in 2019, is a contemporary project-based dance company of artists from the Metro-Detroit area, collectively contributing to the advancement of Dance in Detroit.