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3-Week Session | April 20 to May 7

Single Classes Available

Spring challenge - Weekly Trio!!!

Prepare yourself for Spring and Summer Activities!

The 3 classes that DDC is offering are designed as a progression. "Stretch & Mobility" will begin the week's session by preparing you for the "Gyrokinesis" fitness class, and "Yoga for All" will conclude the week by relaxing the body through movement and breath.

This Weekly Trio of classes is highly recommended!

Together they will make a difference in how your feel!

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Stretch & Mobility with Lizz LeClerc

Tuesdays 10-11 am

All bodies can benefit from the healing power of movement, regardless of your individual activity level. This class, open to all movement levels, will both energize and relax the mind and body with gentle mobilization exercises, a guided full body stretch, light strengthening movement, and a relaxing meditation. Drawing inspiration from modern dance techniques, pilates, and yoga; this class aims to improve the body’s flexibility, range of motion, and posture leaving your mind feeling refreshed.

Intro to Gyrokinesis with Amy Hutchison

Thursdays 10-11 am

Gyrokinesis is a flowing sequence of movements for the whole body to decompress joints, increase range of motion, and build strength and stamina. Emphasis is on movement of the spine, circular and figure eight patterns, and deep breath work. Participants can expect to move the whole hour and feel amazing afterward! In this introductory class we will break down the spinal motions and sequences, and look at the connections within the body which make this movement method so unique.Please have a sturdy chair or stool, and a mat or towel available for the class.

Yoga for All with Claire Call

Fridays 10-11 am

Connect to your body and mind in a yoga practice designed to make you feel good. Each class will focus on stretching and strengthening the body as a whole, relievingtension, and combining breath and movement in the present moment. You will need a yoga mat.

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DDC dance artists love teaching and sharing the art of dance.

Teachers are well known for their superb dance classes and workshops for people of all ages and abilities in schools and communities. We strongly believe that dance is a powerful means of communication that can energize communities, built self-esteem, courage, and pride. We engage and encourage each individual to create visual records of their thoughts and feelings through dance, music and literature.

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