Michigan’s Leading Contemporary Dance Company

Celebrating 40 Years - 1980-2020

Dance captures the essence of what it means to be human.

DDCdances, formerly Detroit Dance Collective, believes the “Power of Dance” and its ability to communicate play a profound role in our creative and everyday lives. DDC, co-founded in 1980 by Sue Ellen Darr, Paula Kramer, Anita Surma and present artistic director and principal choreographer, Barbara Selinger, is a professional contemporary dance company dedicated to the creation and production of visually striking repertory that touches the senses. DDC has toured extensively throughout Michigan and nationally performing in theaters, schools and alternative spaces. The company specializes in planning imaginative dance/arts projects that address the needs of specific communities and is recognized for producing superb concerts and lecture demonstrations for students and families. 

Through its life affirming work, DDCdances continues to embrace and inspire diverse audiences throughout Michigan and beyond.

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