Dance Is Education

DDCdances is well known for superb dance education classes and workshops for people of all ages and abilities in schools and communities. DDC artists strongly believe that dance is a powerful means of communication that can energize communities, built self-esteem, courage, and pride. We engage and encourage each individual to create visual records of their thoughts and feelings through dance, music and literature.  

Creative Kids Dance

All Inclusive Dance Company


No experience needed!

Director: Jaiden Kruse

Location: Jeannie Zimbalatti’s School of Dance

2211 N Beech Daly Rd, Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

DDC Family Dance Day 2023 at The Hawk!

Joyous dancing by people of all ages!!! ❤️

DDC Family Dance Day  2022 at The Hawk!

Just one of the beautiful families dancing together! ❤️

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DDCdances, in collaboration with Jeannie Zimbalatti’s School of Dance, offers a unique, multi-disciplinary dance/arts adventure for young people ages 7 to 12! Creative Kids, established by DDC, provides opportunities for children to study creative movement concepts, learn to choreograph, and perform their dances at concerts presented by DDC.

Creative Kids Dance will offer every child the opportunity to explore the arts, discover the creativity within themselves, celebrate their accomplishments, and share the products of their work with family, friends, and others.

DDC dance artists promote creativity by providing a positive learning environment where children experience a joyful way to explore movement through music, develop physical skills, channel energy, stimulate imagination.

Students with disabilities are welcome to participate.

School & Community Residencies

What We Offer

School Residencies

Classes and Workshops


DDC combines an informal performance and lecture by DDC dancers in your school. This is an opportunity for students to enjoy watching dance close up and learn more about the creative process. Talk-back sessions are conducted after each performance.

CLASSES & WORKSHOPS - Creative Movement Classes K-12

Designed for students to discover and explore educational concepts and language in a non-threatening and joyful atmosphere.  DDC artists conduct guided movement explorations using ideas of time, space, and energy. Students are motivated to find new ways of expressing ideas through the use of their entire body.


Explores the elements of dance combined with creative writing, music and visual arts through guided exercises.


DDC teaches all levels of technique including modern dance, jazz, ballet, and hip hop as well as improvisation and choreography workshops.


DDC dance artists will choreograph new works for your school dance groups. This is an opportunity for your dancers to perform in a professional venue and be seen by distinguished audiences.

Professional Development

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Dance, Visual and Literary Arts Residencies

Creative Kids on the Move

All Inclusive Dance Classes

Philosophy & Approach

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Audiences of all ages and abilities join DDC in an improvisation.

A community family day workshop in Detroit - dance, draw, paint, perform

Art students from the Center for Creative Studies, Detroit, observe and sketch a gallery dance rehearsal by DDCdances.


ARTS IN EDUCATION GRANTS are available through the Michigan Arts and Cultural Council. Information, applications and guidelines can be found online.