I was moved by the expression of the universal themes of human interaction, of both solitude and mutual support, of deeply felt emotions conveyed through both fluid and contorted physicality. The performances were seamless, beautifully lit, and deeply felt. The experience of witnessing emotion expressed through movement always leaves me inspired by the possibilities of human expression. The experience stays with me, year after year of watching dancers communicate in wordless language, not unlike what our prehistoric  ancestors expressed on cave walls.

- Jo Powers

I was impressed by the dancers’ technical skills, intelligent choreography and passion.

- Pat Roan Judd

The concert was like moving sculpture. Bodies connected, wrapped, were lifted and thrown.  Music choices, that were fun and sobering, supported the movement vocabulary as well as the themes of the dance pieces.

- Jeff Nahan

I appreciated the intimate venue, and in Detroit. The overall quality and range of the choreography, the dancers' INCREDIBLE performances, and Barbara Selinger's new piece, "Absence," all stood out.  I loved the way the side platform/steps merged seamlessly with the choreography in "Absence," and the way the choreography flowed in such a creative and unpredictable way.  It was mesmerizing to watch. BRAVA to this long-lived and still deeply relevant, exciting dance company!!!

- Joanna McNamara

Every stunning ddc performance is filled with an array of lovely dancing. The choreography is always innovative and filled with exceptional creativity. It is enjoyable to see work of up and coming dance artists that are invited to show their work. All and all, ddc’s performances are always wonderful to watch and give the audience a great artistic, professional dance experience.

- Diana Mileski

Was overwhelmed, in a good way, with the breadth of the work of DDCdances and how the mentoring of new artists was so seamlessly integrated with the vision of the founding choreographers.

- Annette DePetries

Photography by John Sobczak