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HABITAT (2019)

Choreography: Barbara Selinger

Sculptures: Sergio De Giusti

Music: Dance in 5 by  Peter Jones; excerpt from Europe After  the Rain - text by Judith Herbert, and Garden/Interior - text by John Cage, music composed by Max Richter

SKYWARD (2019)

Choreography: Barbara Selinger

Photography: John Sobczak

Music: Increase by David Lang

FLOAT (2018)

Choreography: Barbara Selinger 

Paintings: Jo Powers

Music: Laura Moody

Costume, Set & Videography:  Barbara Selinger


Now, the most precious thing there is.

                                                                           - Eckhart Tolle

Choreography: Barbara Selinger

Music: Steve Mackey, Franz Liszt, John Cage

Excerpt from PARLOUR TALK (2018)

The Room - A Private View

This room is breaking out of itself, cracking through its 

own walls in search of space, light, empty air.     

                                                                                            - Imtiaz Dharker        

Music: Iva Bittova, Vladimir Godar, Beek Mashin

Poetry: This Room by Imtiaz Dharker, performed by Connie Moore

Excerpt from HEaR Me (2016)

A powerful dance/theatre piece communicating unheard stories of women military veterans living in the Detroit metro area.

Choreography: Barbara Selinger

Movement contributions by DDC dancers

Text: Ramona Burns

Music: Grace Davidson & Max Richter

Costumes: Barbara Selinger

Excerpt from SNAPSHOTS (2016)

Inspired by the artwork,  Virtuoso 1 by Daniel Cascardo

Choreography: Barbara Selinger Movement contributions by DDC dancers

Music:David Lang

Costumes: Daniel Cascardo, painting design 

Barbara Selinger, construction

Image: Daniel Cascardo

Videography & Editing: Barbara Selinger

Excerpt from ETUDES (2016)

Choreography: Barbara Selinger

Music: Frédéric Chopin

Excerpt from INDIVISIBLE (2014)

Choreography & Videography: Barbara Selinger

Music: Laurie Anderson

Photography: Bernadine Vida

wildly imaginative ~ Family Concert ~ spectacular staging


Choreography by Barbara Selinger

Music by Camille Saint-Saens

Poetry by Philip de Vos

Costume & Property Design by Bernadine Vida

Video & Sound Design by Barbara Selinger

Carnival of the Animals, a concert length piece, is one of DDC’s most popular family works that promises to delight audiences of all ages. “Carnival” fills the stage with stunning props and video projections that magically transform the space into a fantasy world of breathtaking and surprising images.

The piece is performed by DDC’s gifted dancers along with young dancers auditioned from the community and/or schools where the company is engaged as artists’ in residence. Participating in this event with professional artists in a theatrical setting is a splendid educational opportunity and exciting performance experience for youngsters.

For in-school residencies or to present CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS  in your community or school, 

contact Barbara Selinger -

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