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Repertory ~ Videos

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DDC’s 2021 Film Project

Captive 2022-23

ONE - 2021-22

Vignettes - 2022

From DDC’s 40th Anniversary Celebration - 2020

A Montage

DDC’s Telling Room 2020 Film Project

DDC’s 40th Anniversary Concert - “Absence”

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Excerpt from DDC’s “Rock On” Concert - Medley 1

HABITAT (2019)

Choreography: Barbara Selinger

Sculptures: Sergio De Giusti

Music: Dance in 5 by  Peter Jones; excerpt from Europe After  the Rain - text by Judith Herbert, and Garden/Interior - text by John Cage, music composed by Max Richter

SKYWARD (2019)

Choreography: Barbara Selinger

Photography: John Sobczak

Music: Increase by David Lang

FLOAT (2018)

Choreography: Barbara Selinger

Paintings: Jo Powers

Music: Laura Moody

Costume, Set & Videography:  Barbara Selinger


Now, the most precious thing there is.

                                                                           - Eckhart Tolle

Choreography: Barbara Selinger

Music: Steve Mackey, Franz Liszt, John Cage

Excerpt from PARLOUR TALK (2018)

The Room - A Private View

This room is breaking out of itself, cracking through its

own walls in search of space, light, empty air.    

                                                                                            - Imtiaz Dharker        

Music: Iva Bittova, Vladimir Godar, Beek Mashin

Poetry: This Room by Imtiaz Dharker, performed by Connie Moore

Excerpt from HEaR Me (2016)

A powerful dance/theatre piece communicating unheard stories of women military veterans living in the Detroit metro area.

Choreography: Barbara Selinger

Movement contributions by DDC dancers

Text: Ramona Burns

Music: Grace Davidson & Max Richter

Costumes: Barbara Selinger

Excerpt from SNAPSHOTS (2016)

Inspired by the artwork,  Virtuoso 1 by Daniel Cascardo

Choreography: Barbara Selinger Movement contributions by DDC dancers

Music:David Lang

Costumes: Daniel Cascardo, painting design

Barbara Selinger, construction

Image: Daniel Cascardo

Videography & Editing: Barbara Selinger

Excerpt from ETUDES (2016)

Choreography: Barbara Selinger

Music: Frédéric Chopin

Excerpt from INDIVISIBLE (2014)

Choreography & Videography: Barbara Selinger

Music: Laurie Anderson

Photography: Bernadine Vida